All our work is made by hand with demanding attention paid to the materials we use. From the solid wood frames to the archival inks and papers, we make no compromise in our selections or in our commitment to quality art-making.

Our atelier is housed within Rochdale Spears Co. Ltd., one of the worlds foremost manufacturing facilities dedicated to high-end furniture making and decor. Rochdale Spears is a leader in exceptional design, innovative product development and serves some of the biggest names in the luxury furniture market.  Rochdale Spears Company is continually investing in technology and innovative material treatments which we lend to our art-making practice. Also, because the facilities are equipped with cutting-edge machinery such Point-to-Point and Computer Numeric Controlled equipment, humidity control divisions and advanced spray instruments, ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.

We are ready to take on projects of the highest expectations in quality and size.